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capgan history 

Foundation – 1984

Commonwealth Association of Pediatric Gastroenterology, Hepatology and Nutrition (CAPGAN) was foundered on 1984 and John Walker-Smith and Peter Sullivan were the first Chairman and Secretary of the CAPGAN. Several other senior ESPGHAN members, Alan Phillips (Past Treasurer of CAPGAN & ESPGHAN), and Bhupinder Sandhu (Past President, CAPGAN) in particular, have contributed freely and willingly to the development of CAPGAN. However, of necessity, CAPGAN has a larger role in advocacy and it tries to be as inclusive as possible when organising conferences which are now biennial. A Constitution was created and accreditation by the Commonwealth Secretariat. CAPGAN has a larger role in advocacy and it tries to be as inclusive as possible when organizing conferences which are now biennial. Thus, CAPGAN is attended by state of the art researchers as well as junior pediatric trainees from very poor areas, and not just limited to Commonwealth countries.

FISPGHAN was created in 2000 as an umbrella organization of which ESPGHAN is a full member. CAPGAN is an associate member as we simply do not carry the funds necessary to pay for full membership. However, CAPGAN has been particularly active in FISPGHAN in helping organize the 4 yearly World Conferences (WCPGHAN), from that in Paris 2004 till the next one in Copenhagen in 2020. CAPGAN also contributes to FISPGHAN’s Council meetings and Working Groups.

aims and mission

  • Promote the knowledge of and training in Pediatric Gastroenterology, Hepatology and Nutrition throughout the Commonwealth but especially amongst developing countries.
  • Foster collaborative research in these fields.
  • Hold regular scientific meetings
  • Be a source of authoritative advice to both national and international agencies within the Commonwealth on the problems of pediatric gastroenterology and hepatology and in particular the problems of childhood diarrhea and malnutrition
  • Exert a positive influence as advocates for the welfare of children
2015 - 2017 Dr. Barbara Golden
2013 - 2015 Dr. Bhupinder Sandhu
2011 - 2013 Dr. David Brewster
2009 - 2011 Dr. Tahmeed Ahmed
2007-2009 Dr. Zulfiqar Bhutta
2005 - 2007 Dr. Tony Nelson