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CAPGAN Research PRizes

Past President & Secretary 

S.No. AwardBest paper in


Prof Bhupinder Sandhu 



Dr. Peter Sullivan



Dr. Barbara Golden 



Dr. Neelam Mohan 


*These awards would be judged both from abstract and presentation. 
*CAPGAN Travel Fellowships: Four Travel fellowships would be offered to delegates and students. 


CAPGAN Research prizes

These are offered to health professionals for the best research and presentations in the field of

  • (1) paediatric gastroenterology
  • (2) nutrition
  • (3) hepatology 
  1. £250 Professor Bhupinder Sandhu Prize for the best Gastroenterology presentations (established 2011) 
  2. £250 Dr. Barbara Golden Prizes for the best Nutrition presentation (established 2013) 
  3. £250 Professor Peter Sullivan Prize for Nutrition (established 2015)
  4. $250 Dr. Neelam Mohan prize for Hepatology (established 2015)